Challenge: Generate widespread coverage and views of a new video by Unity Production Foundation called “My Fellow American” a campaign promoting the core American values of racial and religious tolerance in post 9/11 America.

The team at Unity Production Foundation (UPF) wanted to garner views for their new video short “My Fellow American” in the months proceeding the 10 year anniversary of September 11th.

In addition to video views, UPF wanted to encourage Americans to share their personal stories about positive experiences with their Muslim-American neighbors and re-encourage a mindset of tolerance and peace that has considerably suffered in our country since September 11th.

Our challenge was two-fold: drive viewers to the My Fellow American video, and increase traffic to the My Fellow American website.

Strategy/Tactics: Tap thousands of impassioned bloggers to reach millions of readers and dominate the search results with the end goal of increasing awareness, encouraging sharing, and generating video views.

Our team implemented a comprehensive, multi-staged and highly targeted blogger outreach campaign to encourage bloggers to share UPF’s video with their readers. As each of these bloggers expressed interest, we responded to them individually, encouraging them to post and providing them with any additional information they found necessary.

Results: Since the release of the “My Fellow American” short the YouTube video has garnered over 1,183,934 views with that number increasing by the thousands daily.

Over 1,387 bloggers responded to our outreach resulting in over 800 posts sharing the My Fellow American video in two months.

When we began working with UPF to promote the “My Fellow American” video in July, the video had just launched, and had only a few hundred views. In just two months, the posts secured by our efforts garnered over 59 Million impressions. These impressions resulted in thousands of people sharing and commenting on the video.