Ted Lederer


Since the age of 15, Ted has been in the sales and marketing arena. His life’s mission statement has been the same since that time, and it’s simple – “Making it easier!” Ted has a passionate desire to take what can many times be a difficult or convoluted process and simplify it for the average person. As a result, he has been successful at reducing the time-to-close in sales cycles – as well as many other processes that he has found are far too cumbersome! This is how Ted measures success – it’s a great day if when the lights go down – someone has been able to accomplish a task much easier and quicker because of an influential role he has played in streamlining that process.

As a Business Process Optimization (BPO) thought-leader, Ted has had the exciting opportunity of helping numerous organizations of all sizes to trim the proverbial fat with respect to unnecessary steps to get to the desired results. His preference is the Marketing space, which led him to become a part of a small, unique team that has created a marketing technology that eliminates the costly barriers to entry that most traditional marketing strategies and processes demand. Ted brings this business technology & strategy along with his vast experience to the Gerris team. If you are looking to increase sales, reduce CPA, and build an audience asset, make sure you get a chance to chat with Ted. He will help you with all three in short order.