Challenge: Stever Robbins, a popular blogger and podcaster was releasing his first book in the Fall of 2010.

He and his publisher needed to establish him as a respected and recognized author and ensure that awareness of, and excitement around his book exploded in his target demographic.

Strategy/Tactics: We reached out to online influencers in the tech and self help demographics with copies of the book, excerpts, and information to drive them to share with their spheres of influence.

We launched a six-week campaign to promote Stever Robbin’s book. This process started with the creation of a social media news release. The release included a 2 chapter preview, Q&A, photos, bio, summary, etc.

Our campaign connected with over 3600 bloggers in three different waves of messaging. We developed relationships with all who responded and concierged them towards posting articles and reviews.

Results: The six-week campaign let to over 320 posts making over 35 million impressions, and 140,000 views of the Stever Robbin’s social media news release.

In the days following the book release “Get-it-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More” ranked 94 on Amazon’s best selling book list and 58 on Amazon’s best selling Kindle book list with 5 star reviews.

Our campaign also helped secure multiple personal Q&A’s between Stever Robbins and prominent bloggers leading to high-profile interviews.

Stever is now recognized as a highly-regarded and successful author in the business world.