Challenge: Drive branding of the new Snuggle Crème premium fabric softener via online social media.

We were tapped by Lowe Worldwide to run the social media side of the Snuggle branding campaign. Lowe Worldwide handled the traditional side while we was tasked with promoting Snuggle Crème via online social media, specifically through a blogger outreach campaign.

Strategy/Tactics: Drive demand for a $2-off coupon by leveraging the influence of hundreds of bloggers in target demographics.

Lowe and Snuggle had already identified two promising assets to be used in traditional media: a $2-off coupon and the Snuggle Bear. To ensure these would be appealing to bloggers as well, we combined the two into an animated widget.

We identified a set of over 2000 bloggers for four separate outreaches over an eight-week period. We created a social media news release complete with the embeddable widget, information, images, video, coupons, etc. Then began launching their personalized outreach campaign.

Results: Demand for the coupon exceeds maximum projections by 100% – Branding reaches over 2 million impressions via online influencers.

Our efforts garnered hundreds of earned media mentions on behalf of Snuggle Crème. The online social media news release (SMNR) microsite we created for the campaign received over 200,000 hits. Big spikes in online conversation were witnessed after each of our four outreaches. 

The campaign was so successful that Snuggle had to double the number of coupons they had originally allotted for the campaign.