Challenge: The Youcast Corp. turned to us to gain access to the blogger community and to introduce Snapple’s new product – Snapple Antioxidant Water – to the broader online community. The goal was to get as many bloggers to talk about this new product in the shortest amount of time.

Strategy: The first hurdle for a new product is to create a presence – to let people know it exists. We have relationships with many bloggers who have grown to trust the products and services that we introduce them to. We decided to reach out to many of our existing relationships and to contact and start conversations around the product with bloggers that we had not previously reached out too.

Tactics: We approached 10 unique demographics ranging from Yoga to Parenting bloggers. The need to offer a gift to the blogger is always a critical element of success in an online outreach campaign and in this campaign we had a great gift. We were able to offer bloggers several bottles of the new Snapple Anti-oxidant Water. In some cases this was prior to the product arriving on local store shelves.

We sent several waves of Online Outreach emails which resulted in approximately a 70% response rate.

Results: Our efforts garnered close to 80 blog posts across multiple demographics and helped create lively conversations in the blogosphere comparing the Snapple product with other leading brands.