When William Flanagan, Founder of OMA, needed to partner with an agency to help transition OMA from a services company to an SEO and Social Marketing platform, he reached out to Gerris digital. We're proud to be part of the OMAlab family of sofware.

What is Organic Marketing Analytics (OMA)?

Organic Marketing Analytics marketing automation software helps businesses attract more leads by driving visibility on the sites you don’t own or manage. Built from the ground up to help a digital agency drive sales for customers, OMA’s goal is to help your business get your unique message heard in a noisy market.

OMA started out as a part of TEMPUS Group, a digital marketing firm founded in 2005 by William Flanagan. Running SEO and social media campaigns for others, we found that success came down to having the right information. Without enough data, combined correctly, we couldn’t optimize our time to have maximum impact. We also found that we didn’t have the situation awareness to take advantage of opportunities that happened virtually everyday online. Essentially we were doing what we thought was best, using our experience and gut, instead of letting the vast amount of data that was available to us drive our actions.

So, why did you build OMA?

Given that our lifeblood was based on generating visibility for our clients, we knew we had to be data driven. So, we built in-house tools to get the data we needed, and this made a dramatic difference in three key ways:

  1. We spent more time engaged with the market because most of the data gathering and analysis had been automated.
  2. We made less mistakes because our tools were double-checking our work, and the work of our clients. And, if there was a problem, we were alerted quickly so we could fix it.
  3. Having data about our activities, as well as our competitors, made us more efficient and organized. This meant we could take advantage of the opportunities as they happened.

As our tools got better and better, and simpler to use, we realized businesses could use these tools themselves, and get better results than we could achieve. So, we founded OMAlab and spun the tools out.

Since OMAlab’s founding, we’ve focused exclusively on supporting our software customers and helping them drive visibility.

I’m in love with ideas. The stupid, the beautiful. Because, great ideas that move society forward. We built OMA because we wanted to make it so anyone with great ideas could get their ideas heard.

William Flanagan Founder, OMA

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