Controlling your good name in the top-two pages of search—be it Google or Bing—is an essential part of protecting your brand, your good name, your prosperity, your livelihood, and your reputation—and not just your online reputation, but how many people will meet you for the very first time: with a search of your name or your company or your product. Usually Google, but there are any number of search engines, including Bing, the default search engine on many phones and Windows PCs.

Gerris has a combined thirty-years of experience in the online reputation management business, going all the way back to 2002—well before ORM became an industry. As a result, we have a staff with a broad base of experience, from online reputation management to crisis response, from public affairs to SEO, from copy writing to influencer marketing, from website development to Internet forensics, and from technology to marketing.

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of making people and businesses look their best on the Internet. To accomplish that, people need to control their online search results because they frequently contain inaccurate, misleading, or outdated material which can adversely influence how web searchers view them.

Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) services will help you prepare for a social media crisis before disaster strikes or we can help you mitigate the damage that a current crisis could be causing.

We are able to improve your online reputation for you in this way by using proven strategies regarding when, where and how we release information about your business. This is not an overnight process; it takes time and commitment, which we have toward you and the improvement of your online reputation.

Over 95% of shoppers researching products, prices, reviews and results before making a purchase or service decision it’s paramount that your search results offer a positive picture of you as a business professional and your company. When an online user who is new to your company finds negative press regarding your company it can instantly turn them away from you for what they need; costing you a potential new client and the ability to grow your business. At Gerris our goal is to help you suppress the negative reviews, press releases, photos, experiences or anything else that can be construed as negative toward you or your company.

We do this with our experienced team of web developers, writers, graphic artists and video producers who are able to take the positive information regarding your company and highlight it. By placing your positive news on sites and within authoritative websites the results users will receive when they search for your company will be positive and glowing instead of negative and dirty.

Through our process, you will notice the articles and information we release will be placed in a variety of locations including all of your social media outlets, offer a fresh perspective and come from a trusted place online. All four of these factors are highly regarded by search engines in order to rank information for any business or person on their pages.

By placing positive and neutral information for you or your business at the top of their web pages the search engines such as Google will be suppressing the negative reviews and articles to a lower rank, eventually causing them to land so far down the rankings that users will not be able to find them.

Our services will help bury your negative information to become nearly obsolete leaving you with only a positive online reputation that new customers can trust. While we will be more than happy to help you if that is the case for you as well, it’s much better to begin building your positive reputation early on in business. By utilizing our services, you will be armoring yourself with a positive reputation that will be nearly impenetrable even by a negative experience and review. Let us help you build or repair your reputation with our advanced ORM services, allowing you to enjoy the success you have always dreamed.

We identify welcome and unwelcome content appearing in the search results for your name or business, incorporating any feedback or suggestions provided. We collect information from you or other publicly available sources, to be used by our publications team to develop web content. We create new content, to be approved by you or another designated representative. We then strategically publish this new content to the Internet according to a personalized publication plan based on the amount, kind, and strength of unwanted content appearing online. We optimize and reinforce the network of content and websites we have created for maximum ranking and promotional power. We will use our websites and social profiles to push up any preexisting welcome content that you have identified for promotion and build sufficient preventative link strength to protect against new unwelcome content that might potentially be posted in the future.

Gerris understands that we live in a world where the Internet records everything and forgets nothing – every photo, comment, post, status update and tweet about your brand can be stored forever.

Key Value Points

Our goal is to bubble up the best positive and neutral ambient web content in such a way that when someone Googles your name, brand, or keyword, positive and neutral content will be on the first and second pages of Google and Bing with the tone, narrative, images, and videos that represent you in the best light, according to you.

What Gerris Does for You

  • Stop the propagation of any misinformation and confusion by pushing it onto results pages where 10-percent or fewer of searchers will ever see it.

  • Place greater emphasis on positive achievements and accomplishments.

  • Build upon the results of past work completed on your social media accounts.

  • Create a long-term solution that will help to prevent any future unwelcome issues from surfacing.

  • Create a central HQ for your name, brand, or keyword on your own domain. This site will be created as a curated headquarters for your name or brand.

  • Create and develop new websites on topics of your choosing, to be updated regularly.

  • Create and develop social media accounts, as well as content for these accounts to be released strategically over time to the accounts.

  • Build larger, multi-page sites designed for maximum ranking ability.

Gerris understands that we live in a world where the Internet records everything and forgets nothing – every photo, comment, post, status update, and tweet about your brand can be stored forever. We can help.

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