Development, Launch, Editing, and Management


NEWconomy is a fresh perspective on the future of money. We’re pursuing a holistic approach that looks towards a new economy that is never only made up of one currency. Newconomy comprises a continuum of past, present, and future. was hired by six months before the launch of the website and then kept on to build the site for several months afterwards, until the site and the online community was stable and prosperous.

The task was unique to for our company as it was to launch a cryptocurrency publication and online community, from soup to nuts, as far as content was concerned. It included building up over eighty articles on the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and blockchain technologies, economies, innovations, ICOs, education, marketing, news, and trends.

As part of that, we hired and managed dozens of stringer and freelance journalists, experts, investors, analysts, and writers who added their experience to the pot, producing dozens of unique and timely news, shortform, and long form, journalism.