CHALLENGE: Originally known as the Landmine Survivor Network (LSN), Survivor Corps had outgrown its focus on land mine survivors and was looking to re-brand the organization to focus on all survivors.

This re-branding was launched at the same time that one of the founders of LSN, Jerry White, released his book, I Will Not Be Broken, which focused on sharing his experience and advice on navigating survivorship.

STRATEGY: The focus was placed on reaching out to those communities that already struggle with issues of survivorship – Military Veterans, Cancer Survivors to name but two. Using the book as a vehicle to promote the over all change in brand and the human interest story of Jerry White played critical roles in our overall strategy.

TACTICS: The campaign focused on Online Outreach, messaging thousands of bloggers and sharing the news and offering a copy of the book, I Will Not Be Broken, to every blogger who wanted one. In addition to our Online Outreach we focused on building a presence on social networks, creating profiles, groups, and pages. Finally, the campaign heavily utilized Twitter and Facebook to message thousands of friends and followers on a daily basis.

RESULTS: The campaign met with huge amounts of positive response with 130 blogs posts and book reviews written and posted. Changing a brand is never an easy thing and is not done overnight, for this reason Chris Abraham and his team was very excited to retain Survivor Corps over a longer term contract enabling us to continue building up a presence in the social media space.

“Chris Abraham and his team has been a critical catalyst for the online debut of SURVIVOR CORPS. They helped us create a blogging buzz around the launch of Survivor Corps, offering savvy counsel on strategically targeted audiences who would resonate with our mission. Chris cleverly leveraged the release of my book — I Will Not Be Broken: Five Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis — to generate word of mouth promotion online and cultivate new supporters for our work to help survivors of war in the United States and abroad. Chris and his team will jump into a campaign with passion and panache. They’ve been responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with from day one.” — Jerry White, Co-Founder and Director, Survivor Corps”