Fotolia: Extending a European Brand into the US Market

Challenge: Get Europe’s #1 stock photography brand established in the US market, where it was well behind its competitors in terms of its visibility.

Fotolia is the largest stock photography website in Europe and has been looking to increase growth beyond Europe into the United States. Our challenge was to generate buzz around Fotolia, increase awareness, encourage photographers to become members, and encourage submissions.

Fotolia was also looking to grow their presence on social networking sites and increase user engagement/interaction on Facebook and Twitter.

Strategy/Tactics: Leverage the influence of bloggers in target demographics such as photography blogs and technology blogs to promote Fotolia.

We reached out in three waves to bloggers in the target demographic contacting over 10,000 bloggers.

To better equip each blogger with special content relating to Fotolia our team created a social media news release including embeddable pictures, videos, banner ads and message copy concerning findings that bloggers could paste into their blogs.

In addition to blogger outreach, our took over the management of Fotolia’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. We were responsible for interacting with fans, functioning as customer service representatives, and seeding relevant content to encourage user interaction.

Results: Drastically increased the number of users interacting with the brand, secured hundreds of blog posts driving SEO and influencer endorsements, garnered millions of impressions with a permanent blogosphere presence that garners millions more each month.

Our blogger outreach garnered over 7 million impressions for Fotolia. The social media news release created for the Fotolia campaign is now a permanent part of the online landscape when searching for information on Fotolia.

The Fotolia Facebook FanPage grew by 104% over just 4 months from 10,848 fans to over 22,000. We added new applications to their page, “The World of Fotolia”, that have directly impacted the increase in user interaction.

Their Twitter handle experienced similar success growing from around 3,000 followers to over 15,000 in the same 4 month time frame.