Problem: Firebrand needed as much blogger coverage about Firebrand Monday; the Monday after the Superbowl, Firebrand showcased the best Superbowl commercials. With only two weeks we needed to create as much conversation around this new and unique company.

Strategy: We focused almost exclusively at getting the A-List, marketing, advertising, and PR bloggers to post about Firebrand and its Firebrand Monday event. This was a personalized outreach that focused on conversations and personal relationships.

Tactics: It was a classic case of pulling out the Rolodex and reaching out to the connections that we have nurtured. These conversations and interactions were carried out over Twitter, Facebook, email and ultimately blogs.

We created 3 separate Social Media News Releases. One of these videos was created specifically for the A-List blogger outreach. It contained an exclusive video that A-List bloggers got to see before any one else in the general public

In addition to the focus on blogs we created a group in Facebook, sharing commercials and other gifts with members.

Results: Firebrand Monday was a great success with our team securing approximately 100 blog posts. The group in Facebook grew to over 600 people in the course of two weeks. In a matter of a short period of time we were able to really create a fantastic buzz and real interest in what Firebrand had to offer.