Blogger Outreach

People are talking online. They’re talking about products, services, experiences, and travel; they’re sharing their hobbies, hopes, dreams, passions, aspirations, memories, and fascinations, online. Blogger outreach is a process by which we identify the influencers in your space and engage them on behalf of your brand.  In some way or another, we have been doing this since 2003. It is our meat and potatoes here at Gerris.  

We do two types of blogger outreach: A-List and Long-Tail. Long tail blogger outreach is one of the services that sets Gerris apart from other Digital PR firms. Most firms focus only on blogger outreach to A-listers. While this is effective for getting a lot of eyeballs on the initial post, the story is quickly buried due to the high frequency of posts.

Gerris focuses on reaching the long-tail. We contact thousands of bloggers in your target demographic, and individually interact with every blogger who expresses interest. This results in hundreds of positive posts about your brand, and Google algorithms take notice organically boosting your SEO rankings.