While the Internet has been plagued with the reputation of being anonymous, the online world is infinitely trackable—if you know how and where to find all the breadcrumbs. Even when complete anonymity is attained, there are always hints, there’s always a context, there’s always timing, and there are also any number of other mistakes that people make—and the longer the anonymity perseveres, the easier it is to put all the pieces together.  Using both mechanical and human solutions, including social engineering and human community infiltration, we can generally follow the spoor until we can not only identify the prey but trap it. When your life is being destroyed by trolls who are doxing you and keeping you up at night with fear for yourself, your family, your children, your livelihood, and even your reputation, it’s important to stop it, either through discovery that can be shared with law enforcement or by bringing the evidence to the public, the press, or to lawyers and judges; or, it can be retaliated to directly, fighting fire with fire.