Capital Media Group

At Capital Media they’ve been optimizing and maximizing ROI for their clients’ media budgets for more than 30 years. Capital Media LLC is a full service media planning and buying agency. They’re headquartered in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area, but they work with clients all over the U.S., and with budgets of all sizes. Given the fact that media is typically one of the single largest line items on a marketing P&L, that’s something they take very seriously. The team at Capital Media has earned a reputation for delivering excellence in all phases of media from strategy development to planning, negotiating and buying, as well as regularly providing added value and plan stewardship.

For over 30 years Capital Media has been optimizing clients’ media budgets; typically one of the single largest line items on a marketing P&L. they’ve earned a reputation for delivering excellence in all phases of media from planning, negotiating, buying, providing added value and plan stewardship. 

All they do is media so every human and financial resource they have is invested in being able to deliver the best media product possible. While they don’t have copywriters or art directors on staff they are nevertheless creative, providing breakthrough solutions in all media. 

It would be difficult to find a category they don’t have experience in but much of their work has benefited retail, franchisee groups and issue and advocacy clients.

In addition to media expertise, Alan Reisberg, the agency’s principle strategist, leverages significant Madison Avenue and client-side Fortune 200 brand strategy experience to benefit clients. This breadth and depth of experience influences media plans that prove to be successful in the marketplace. This is just one reason the tenure of their client relationships shatter industry norms.

At Capital Media, they help their clients optimize their media budgets, which are often one of the single largest line items on their P&L. they work with their clients to translate their corporate and brand marketing objectives into quantitatively-based media plans that have the greatest chance of success to meet their goals.


The Capital Media team is made up of media planning and buying professionals. their core agency team averages 20+ years in the business. they’ve been around the block. Seen just about everything. Planned and purchased advertising campaigns in just about every industry category imaginable in business to consumer, business to business and business to government environments.

they’ve executed campaigns that achieved brand goals, including awareness, perception, preference, and purchase intent, all leading to generating traffic to brick/mortar and online destinations. they’ve been equally successful executing direct response campaigns that deliver profitable cost per acquisition.

Most of their team members have been solving client problems since the 1980s. But, They’re not stuck in the 80’s. They’re all students of the media world, constantly educating ourselves on the ever-changing media landscape so they can craft the most effective and thorough media plans for clients to achieve their marketing goals. their team must be doing something right, as the length of their client relationships shatter agency industry norms. they’ve been working with AAMCO Transmissions since 1985, Jerry’s Subs & Pizza since 1988, The Washington Post since 1991, and Jiffy Lube since 1995.

The veteran nature of their agency team provides a significant advantage to their clients. In almost every single media rate negotiation, it is the Capital Media side of the table that has more knowledge and experience to call on. After all, in negotiations, knowledge is power – and they provide a pretty powerful team.