Challenge: To raise the awareness of new study issued by the Alzheimer’s Association pertaining to Alzheimer’s disease and the Baby Boomer generation.

The Alzheimer’s Association aims to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, symptoms, and search for a cure.  They conduct and release various studies concerning different aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and it’s effects.

In March 2011, we were tasked with helping the Alzheimer’s Association raise the online profile of their latest study “Generation Alzheimer’s”.

Strategy/Tactics:  Leverage the influence of bloggers in target demographics (Baby Boomers and medical field) to promote a new study released by the Alzheimer’s Association

We reached out in two campaigns to over 4,000 bloggers covering topics relevant to Baby Boomers and Alzheimer’s.

To better equip each blogger with special content relating to the Alzheimer’s Association and it’s latest study, our created a social media news release including embeddable pictures, videos, banner ads and message copy concerning findings that bloggers could paste into their blogs.

The purpose of the blogger outreach was to earn bloggers’ support and encourage them to act as amplifiers and informants on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Results:  We secured hundreds of blog posts for the Alzheimer’s Association, resulting in more than 23 million impressions. 

The social media news release we created for the Alzheimer’s Association received over 72,000 views in just over 2 months.  The SMNR is now a permanent part of the online landscape when searching information on Alzheimer’s.

The increase in blogger coverage of Alzheimer’s and the “Generation Alzheimer’s” study resulted in organically boosted Search Engine rankings for the Alzheimer’s Association