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Gerris Corp is the industry pioneer and market leader in Online Market Intelligence, Brand Promotion, and Brand Protection services for the online environment. Gerris Corp brings innovative social media marketing strategies and intelligence solutions to its clients to provide winning online marketing campaigns. Gerris has produced online campaigns for blue-chip clients in over 40 different industries. Word-of-mouth is no longer niche, it is now mainstream. Gerris is extremely pleased to be able to offer its clients the innovative online and word-of-mouth marketing expertise. Gerris Corp pioneered the Online Brand Promotion and Protection industry with its Influencer Marketing and Online Reputation Marketing services. An Online Market Intelligence and Word of Mouth marketing firm, Gerris uses the power of the Internet to give clients and their brands a competitive advantage, while safeguarding their products and services from the effects of negative perceptions and attacks.  

Working closely with many of the world’s leading corporations, Gerris serves as the “eyes, ears, and voice” online for some of the biggest and best-known brands.  Leading companies such as Reebok Spartan Race, Skinny Coconut Oil, Dekafit, Tom Brady’s TB12, Peesting, 4Vets4Life, Newconomy, Spyrus, Alzheimer’s Association, Aruba Tourism, Deutsche Telekom, Greenpeace, Habitat for Humanity, Home Shopping Network, International Medical Corps, Kimberly-Clark, Mitsubishi Motors, National Association of Home Builders, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Qorvis Communications, Sharp Electronics, Snapple, USOC Winter Team, T. Rowe Price, and Friendster have all use Gerris to add value to their brands and guard their bottom line.

The common pond skater or common water strider (Gerris lacustris)

The common pond skater or common water strider (Gerris lacustris)

Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer Outreach is the services that sets Gerris apart from other Digital PR firms. Most firms focus only on blogger outreach to A-listers, only a handful of top influencers, the journalists, reporters, columnists, and top professional bloggers. While this is effective for getting a lot of eyeballs on the initial post, the story is quickly buried due to the high frequency of posts. 

Gerris focuses on reaching the long-tail. We contact thousands of bloggers in your target demographic, and individually interact with every blogger who expresses interest. This results in hundreds of positive posts about your brand, and Google algorithms take notice organically boosting your organic SEM/SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services

Gerris has a combined thirty years of experience in the online reputation management business, going all the way back to 2002—well before ORM became an industry. As a result, we have a staff with a broad base of experience, from online reputation management to crisis response, from public affairs to SEO, from copy writing to influencer marketing, from website development to Internet forensics, and from technology to marketing.

Video and Digital Animation

There are few content mediums with the capacity to impact the senses like video and animation. Content in motion has been scientifically shown to attract and retain an audience, increase click-through rates and engage customers across all industries and services.

Please feel free to call us at +1 (202) 352-5051 or email us at info@gerr.is or self-schedule a 15-minute call with Chris Abraham

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Our Philosophy

We believe that many factors play into a successful client/firm relationship:

Delivering value. If a client doesn’t receive an adequate return on its investment, the relationship isn’t working.

Staff background. We pride ourselves on the fact that every member of our staff came to us with experience from the client side so we understand how our clients think and work. We’re also proud that our senior staff have been with us for more than 10 years.

Chemistry. We strive to work well with clients by understanding and adapting to different work environments and styles. And, while we take our work seriously, we like to have fun, too.

Why Are You Called Gerris?

Gerris earned its name from the Gerris lacustris, commonly known as the common pond skater or common water strider. The name was chosen by Chris Abraham, founder of Gerris digital, because he was inspired by the lightness of being exhibited by the pond skaters he sculled with in Washington as they skim along weightless on water tension, never breaking through the Potomac’s meniscus.