Social Media Marketing

Gerris has years of experience reaching out to people were they spend their time online, reaching far back to the early 80s, well before Gerris  was a twinkle in our eyes. We are experts in the art of building reputation and relationship with people online, be it on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, reddit, message boards, Yahoo and Google Groups, YouTube, Twitter, mailing lists and Listservs, email, and even Usenet.

When it comes to direct outreach to folks on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Chris Abraham, our President, personally has thousands of followers, friends, and connections, respectively, just on his own.

And, when it comes to social media engagement and outreach, is it essential to be a known entity well-before you’re expertise is needed. That is why we at Gerris spend a lot of our lives growing, exploring, and expanding our online and offline relationships. When push comes to show, it is really about trust, friendship, connection, openness, transparency, and simply being there and available, day after day.

Needless-to-say, Chris is an A-lister who has been online since he was dialing in to BBBSs back in the 80s and has been blogging since 1999 and developing for the web since it was only crawling back in 1993.

As a result, Chris and the rest of the Gerris team is exceptionally suited to bringing your message, your brand, your services, your mission, your passion, and you, to the social media space and blogosphere.

Please don’t hesistate to call us or email us and we’ll get you started.