Online Publicity Services

Not unlike traditional public relations, Online Publicity and Blogger Relations strategy not only identifies the right people for you to be talking to, but also connects your brand, your message with these people. In targeting the true online opinion leaders, we are able to not only hone in on the demographic communities that matter most to your brand, but also promote your products and services in a favorable light.

Online Public Relations is an ideal brand awareness and brand promotion solution for small to mid-sized businesses looking to increase their visibility online.

In leveraging the constant flow of online chatter, the Gerris team creates and fosters relationships based on like-mindedness, or the opinion leader’s likelihood to be receptive to your brand and messaging.

Therefore, Online Publicity is NOT an optimal solution for prospective clients who do not have the infrastructure to support maintaining relationships with interested parties.

Examples of typical Online Publicity campaigns include: Event Publicity, New Product Launches, Crisis Communication, Brand Re-Information Campaigns, Overall Brand Awareness/Promotional Efforts.