YouTube Development and Management Services

While it is simple to join YouTube, there are quite a few important steps one must take before launching. First of all, there is a lot of customization that one can do to make sure a client’s YouTube channel blends well with the client brand identity, mirroring the parent brand. 

In addition, structuring the channel, making sure the channel name is appropriate, and also make sure that if there needs to be content that plays for more than 5-minutes there are ways of extending that to hours. There are ways to make revenue as well, through Google AdSense. 

Since Gerris staff has been using YouTube since it was launched in 2005, we understand that unlike television channels, YouTube is not simply a broadcast medium but it a community platform.  Like Twitter and other online communities like MySpace and Facebook, YouTube allows a very deep level of participation, which is what many companies, looking for the next viral hit or just a YouTube land-grab tend to forget.

It is important to not simply create the YouTube channel and make it pretty, it is important to also upload all of the videos required as well, knowing what the most appropriate file type, file size, and file quality it appropriate for each particular application or requirement.  It is also important to consider how the client is willing to share the content and with whom.