Online Video Distribution Services

Sometimes the community maintenance required for YouTube channel creation is too much for a particular client requirement or campaign and what is needed, instead, is a complete and comprehensive video upload to all of the current video sharing sites. 

This video distribution service offers a quick and comprehensive upload to over 30 video upload and social network sites, including the usual suspects but also including many other less-popular and less well-known social networks; however, in order to best cover all possible opportunities for brand video sharing, it is always a good idea to make sure the client brand experience and client video assets always exist exactly where and when people are looking for them. 

In addition, the primary way people look for video content in today’s market is primarily through word-of-mouth and sharing; however, a more predictable and common way of discovering content online — and the only way of discovering the content if the word of mouth does not include sharing links — which is search.

Doing a comprehensive video upload and distribution is a way of stacking the deck towards the discovery of the content organically by flooding the search engine indices with client content — which can result in the ownership of the content. 

Video distribution is an important strategy towards controlling and promoting brand perception online.  The secret sauce of the social web.