Online Community Outreach

It behooves the careful online brand promotion operative to spend some time reading previous posts, how people talk, who the main cows are, and how people relate to each other.

Pay special attention to how the Gurus and the Gods interact with each other and with Newbies and Spammers. Are the Old-Timers really nice or do they give new members grief?

Do they expect deference or are they very responsive to adoration and friendliness? Figure out what works and emulate it. Mirror the most successful, including capitalization, tone, humor, and vocabulary.

Once a list of friendly and like-minded bloggers have been assembled, organize them in an Outlook Contacts folder. Don’t hesitate to reach out to individual bloggers and friendlies informally in order to build a connection and a conversation.

It is important to make sure any formal outreach is carefully considered before moving forward.

When it is time to reach out and message to the list, there are several things to consider before emailing. The most important thing is to make sure you have something important to share or a gift to give. This can be in the form of something simple, but there always has to be a reason for reaching out.

Ideally, if everything is done above board and transparently, and the prospects are tried and true, then any and all coverage will be either very positive or at the very worst, neutral in tone.