Online Advocacy

Social and digital media have created a new and constantly evolving world of communication challenges and opportunities for every organization.

Advocacy has been transformed by social media and online advocacy services are essential in today’s climate where news, rumors, gossip, misinformation, and disinformation spread online as fast as electricity through the wire. 

Our social media services offer online monitoring so that we can keep on top of what is being said about you, warn you when issues arise, and recommend a course of action appropriate to the level of danger to your interests and suitable to the culture of social media.  

Additionally, our online advocacy team, currently operating in twelve languages and eleven countries can take what we discover online and reach out to the influencers and engage in social media communities that are already talking about you or are prime recipients of your message.

In addition to monitoring and engaging with online influencers, Gerris can help you develop and grow your branded social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, blogs — wherever you need to engage your natural allies, respond to information others are putting out there, and promote your brand, your issue, and your point of view.

Our services include creating, building, promoting, responding, and guarding your social media properties with around-the-clock support.