Message Creation

It is essential to define the goals of the mission, including scope, desired results, and expectations. Defining your mission ensures your online promotion project is appropriately and powerfully driven.

After defining the campaign mission, the next step is to develop a message model. Online conversation needs to flow. It is responsive and organic. When preparing for a conversation, an interview, or a debate, talking points are more flexible than preparing a script.

The model message you prepare should be flexible and define the outside boundaries of your marketing conversation. Engaging in online conversation as a member of an online community requires your language, delivery, humor, and tone to mirror that of the community.

The model message will act as your point of departure. It should answer most of the questions and issues associated with the marketing campaign. The model message should be flexible enough to allow for interpretation but strict enough to prevent the brand from being misrepresented online.

Simply begin by considering the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” for starts.