Gerris Products and Services

Gerris digtial offers comprehensive campaigns that integrate Online Publicity and Public Relations, Search Engine Services, and New Media Marketing. We also offer our expertise in the areas of profiling, intelligence, forensics, crisis management, and training. Potential clients can cherry pick the services that best suit their needs from any of these categories, although when customizing packages of services, we strongly encourage our clients to focus on the power of a comprehensive approach.

Gerris digital Services

Online Publicity and Public Relations

  • Blogger and Influencer Relations
    • Not unlike traditional public relations, our Blogger and Relations strategy not only identifies the right people for you to be talking to, but also gets you in touch with those people
    • This service is perfect for small businesses looking to personally get in touch with their user/consumer base. This is NOT an optimal solution for prospective clients who have a very large user base or are a relatively well-known brand unless they have the infrastructure to support maintaining relationships with interested parties.
  • Online Advocacy
    • Have something you need to say? Let us say it for you. Our Online Advocacy program quickly and effectively spreads news and information to a targeted network of online influencers within the blogosphere traditional websites, etc.
    • This is very similar to the previously mentioned service except that Gerris handles all of the communication that happens following the mail merge on behalf of the client. Reporting, thus, is structured to detail the types of communication that occurred as a result of outreach.
    • Under this bucket, this service pertains only to online outreach (online engagement is detailed in New Media Marketing Services below).
  • Event Publicity
    • Standard procedure for this type of thing includes: Targeting a Universe, drafting a SMNR/Press Release and distributing it.
    • This could pertain to the launch of a new site, or a service or a traditional event. The key here is that these are quick hit types of things – they’re not general branding exercises. They have a very clear start and stop date.
  • Brand Re-Information
    • This relates to clients that have a so-so brand perception online (e.g. Coke) and aims to re-inform influencers as to the truths of the brand in questions. Essentially, taking the Online Advocacy model and switching it to be a protective campaign.

Search Engine Services

  • Traditional Search Engine Optimization
  • Defensive Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Name Protection
  • Domain Name Services

New Media Marketing

  • Creative New Media Marketing
    • Online guerilla marketing. This strategy involves the development of creative, out of the box ideas and executing them. In this model, clients give us the general message and we run with it, determining the best way to roll that up into what the demographic audience would be most receptive to.
  • Brand Buzz Marketing
    • This is our general engagement campaign. It includes (but is not limited to) message boards, blog comments, social media communities, video sharing communities, wikis, etc. Typically, clients choosing this service retain more control over the message and the medium.
  • RSS Feed and Syndication Strategy
  • Social Network Marketing
    • Let us do the legwork for you. We will create and build engaging, relevant profiles in leading social networking sites and build an engaged and relevant community around this profile. Services with this include: profile development, “recruiting” and subsequent marketing tactics.
  • Asset Distribution
    • Dissemination of existing marketing assets such as video, micro sites, one-sheets, promotional offers, etc. to a wide net of communities (social media, social networks, message boards, blogs, etc.)

Additional Services

  • Internet Forensics
  • Online Crisis Response and Management
  • Social Media Training
  • Podcast Training
  • Demographic Profiling
    • This service is for anyone branching out into a new market or who is expanding their interactive marketing budget and wants to know not only who these people are, but where they live. The finished product would likely be a 5 to 10 page report highlighting all the communities across social networks, video sharing communities, the blogosphere, etc. where these people live. We also identify secondary and tertiary demographic targets on behalf of the client.
  • Business Intelligence
    • How do you measure up to your competitors, how do Internet users view your brand, etc. Deliverable is extensive report.