Blogger Outreach

While exploring the blog search engines for relevant company-related content, take note of particularly friendly blogs and bloggers.

Also take note of any blog and bloggers who are actively embedding Your Company code into their blogs.

If a blogger consistently uses Your Company, comments on blog posts, or has ever given a positive or neutral review of Your Company, consider asking the blogger to be part of a select list of folks who will receive news, updates, upgrades announcements, and other company news with the understanding that when the news is received by the blogger, the blogger can do whatever they want with it.

This is why it is important to make sure the blogger (or message board owner) is committed to liking Your Company.

If you have an agency to conduct blogger prospecting and the online advocacy, be sure they know the form and content of the messages you would like to be conveyed.

The prospect may or may not blog about the news.
The hope is that the prospect will decide to blog about the news, either positively or neutrally.

Once the email goes out, however, you have no control of what is done. If you have any second thoughts about the prospect being a friendly, don’t do it.