About Gerris

Gerris offers its clients comprehensive Online Conversation Marketing campaigns. What exactly does this mean? We integrate Digital PR, Online Grassroots & New Media Marketing, Business Intelligence, Search Engine Services and Online Reputation Clean-up and Defense to ensure that our client’s message — the right message — is being portrayed in every corner of the digital space.

Leveraging our strong relationships with top bloggers, our Digital PR efforts persuade the most influential members of the online community that your brand/company/service is worthy of recommending. We identify your target audience (wherever they may be on the web) using our Online Grassroots and New Media Marketing, and develop tailored outreach activities that honor each community’s “local customs.”

Therein lies the Gerris difference: We adapt to differing community’s values and communication patterns because we respect the medium, which in turn will translate into respect for your company and brand. Our Business Intelligence and Online Reputation Systems constantly track the web’s movements so you don’t have to in the areas of profiling, intelligence, forensics and crisis management.

Gerris understands that the Internet is not just a different advertising medium, it is a different culture with unique customs and protocol. Knowing this culture allows us to translate your unique company message to relevant online communities. This approach drives business your way—our primary and sincere goal.

Gerris Services

Online Publicity and Blogger Relations

Not unlike traditional public relations, the Gerris Online Publicity and Blogger Relations strategy not only identifies the right people for you to be talking to, but also connects these people with your brand and your message. In this kind of “top-down” influencer outreaches, we identify the demographics and their thought leaders who will likely respond most favorably to your brand, create social media news releases (SMNRs), develop message models for each demographic, conduct a broad outreach, and then personally follow-up with everyone who responds.

Examples of typical Online Publicity campaigns include: Event Publicity, New Product Launches, Crisis Communication, Brand Re-Information Campaigns, Overall Brand Awareness/Promotional Efforts.

Online Grassroots and New Media Marketing

Also referred to as Online Advocacy or Online Guerrilla Marketing, this kind of “bottom-up” approach is a means of spreading news and information to a targeted network of online influencers within the blogosphere, message boards, video communities, social bookmarking sites, listservs, etc. As with our “top-down” approach, this strategy involves the development of key messaging in consultation with the client, and the identification of key demographics, but instead of reaching out directly to bloggers and other online thought leaders, our team of Online Grassroots experts engages in conversations about your brand wherever any related conversations are already occurring, allowing us to capitalize on the “long tail,” or the complex nature of online chatter in which dialogue about our client’s brands isn’t always localized within its first-glance demographic targets.

Social Network Sites are a key area of grassroots conversation marketing, and we can create or strengthen your presence in the SNS space, updating and messaging groups that we create and promote on your behalf.

Examples of typical Online Grassroots Marketing campaigns include: Social Network Marketing, Asset Distribution, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing.

Online Intelligence

We can provide real-time, accurate business intelligence about the online market landscape, trends in your overall brand perception online, and competitor-analysis. Depending on your needs, the deliverable for this kind of initiative can be a one-time State of the Union comprehensive, detailed report, evaluating and analyzing trends within the mediasphere; blogosphere; user generated content outlets, message boards and forums or can be offered as ongoing trend analysis.

Search Engine Services

Brands of the world, large and small, know that visibility of favorable content within key search engines can make or break your marketing and public relations initiatives. Gerris offers full-service Search Engine Marketing, including: Traditional Search Engine Optimization (Promotion), Defensive Search Engine Optimization (Protection), Domain Name Protection and Domain Name Services. We will analyze and report on your current, or planned, site; implement full SEO services (metatag tweaking, copywriting, and submission); and offer SEO maintenance.

Online Reputation Clean-Up and Defense

Despite providing Internet users with a wealth of accurate information, some brands have faced the hard reality of the adverse affects that negative online chatter and mis-information can have. Fortunately, the majority of these trends can be reversed, if treated early and in the right way. By providing clients in need of Online Reputation Clean-Up and Defense services, the Gerris team harnesses the power of an integrated approach to attach negative opinions and misinformation from all sides. In combining our Search Engine Services (including Domain Name and Defensive SEO), Online Public Relations, Business Intelligence and our Online Grassroots and New Media Marketing Programs, the Gerris team is able to deliver quick results. In the past, we have proven effective in minimizing the visibility of unfavorable content online, countering misinformation with real information and creating valuable allies among online opinion leaders on behalf of our clients.

In this day and age, we don’t need to remind you of the Internet’s effects (be it favorable or dismal) on many popular brands. It is this phenomenon that has made Online Conversation Marketing an ideal solution for a variety of notable brands, ranging from Internet start-ups to public interest groups to major consumer brands. Gerris is comprised of a trained team of media, marketing and public relations experts working together to drive positive online presence on behalf of our clients. Operating in a “virtual office,” the Gerris team is spread across four continents, representing more than 10 time zones and almost a dozen languages. This dispersion has given us a notable competitive edge, allowing us to quickly and effectively employ comprehensive Online Conversation Marketing Campaigns within more than 50 countries.

In working individually with online influencers and Internet users on both a macro (Online Outreach) and micro (Online Engagement, Grassroots Marketing) level, Gerris builds relationships and drives favorable, organic conversation in a compliant fashion. The Gerris methods reflect the natural progress of organic word-of-mouth – starting small and progressively growing to reach a larger and larger audience. In respecting the online community, the Gerris team stands firmly against online solicitation (SPAM) of any kind. To conclude, Gerris is pleased to offer its unique Online Conversation Marketing services to an array of brands and organizations. People are already talking about you online – are you listening?