Corporate Blogging and the Corporate Blog

Blogging about your company is an important way to engage in the conversation surrounding your brand. You should seriously consider produce a separate corporate blog that would focus on exposing the cast and crew behind who, what, when, and where to go regarding your company.

Corporate blogging is essential to the growth of online properties for a number of reasons, including gaining access to the blogosphere and its interested and passionate community of bloggers and blog readers.

Blogs offer useful built-in, tools such as RSS syndication, comments, outgoing links, blogrolls, trackbacks, richness of text and textual content, and the ability to build celebrity and personality online through a first-person relationship with the blogosphere.

The corporate blog offers the unique opportunity to share yourself as owners, staff, and crew. You can easily address the curious and the unconvinced.

Not only will the corporate blog allow you to publish shameless testimonials from real fans, it allows you to publish all positive or neutral mentions about the blog or your company website.

Corporate blogs are still a rarity and just producing one will garner favor with the blogging and marketing world. A corporate blog will aid in your brand reputation. Because Google gives priority to web sites and pages that are constantly updated, a corporate blog ensures that Google pays attention to your site.